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VIP Clients Get Special Summer Rate

$65 plus tax For June, July & August

Save $10 per month!


Starting June 1st until July 31st

$150 plus tax for 2 months 

of Unlimited Yoga and Spin Classes

Save $10 per month!

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Yoga For Beginners  - Monday & Wednesday at 7:30pm 

Yoga with props, Head to Knee forward bend yoga asana

Yoga can seem intimidating and finding the right class can be confusing. In this beginners class we will start from the ground up, keeping an eye on your alignment every step of the way.

You will discover how your breath can ease not only your mind, but help you deepen into your practice as well. Together we will find out how the poses can work for you personally. We will work on  breath control and poses.

After taking this class you will begin to feel comfortable in most of the other classes we offer. At Amana Yoga we believe It’s All About You.



Yoga For Kids – Sunday at 12 noon.

Yoga For Kids allows children to get  some physical activity, increasing mobility and flexibility it can also help increase mind/body awareness.
Practicing yoga regularly enables children to improve concentration and has been proven to reduce anxiety.
Every Sunday at 12 noon at the Amana Yoga Saint John location.
8 week session is $80 plus tax, second child is $60 plus tax, additional children will be $40 plus tax.
Age Group – 5yrs to 12yrs
To pay for additional children please contact Amana Yoga at 648-0020.